Are you a Cracker or Calamity?

Friday 14th Dec, 2018

Having a First Rate Christmas

Are you a Christmas Cracker or Calamity? 

When it comes to Christmas there are two types of people. 

The Christmas cracker knows exactly what they are doing. They plan up to a year ahead, they put  a budget and savings in place, they know what they will buy, what they will spend and they have it all done well in advance of the big day.

It can be a great way to be, relieve stress, and ensure that the holiday season goes smoothly.

If you are one of these people, or you want to become one, then a credit union savings account is an ideal solution. Decide how much you want to spend at Christmas, how much you'd need to save each month and have money taken directly from your payroll every month of the year so that when the time for that shopping spree arrives, you know the money is there safe, secure and waiting for you.


The other type of person is me. The Christmas Calamity. All of my good intentions go to one side and each year it’s as though Christmas has crept up on me and come as a huge unexpected surprise. Last minute dashes around the shops, fighting my way through all the other Christmas calamities, battling with boxes and wrapping paper and covered from head to foot in sticky tape.  I always intended to be a cracker, but life has a habit of rushing by and other things take priority and suddenly I’m hitting the shops and the credit cards. 

If you are an employee at BAE Systems, there’s an easy way to move from calamity to cracker in one simple year.

I call it “borrow for this Christmas, save for next Christmas” and it comes in one easy step with money directly from your payroll before you ever see it.

Exclusively for BAE Systems staff, payroll savings & loans in your own not-for-profit Credit Union.

A loan to quickly boost your finances for this Christmas and repayments taken from your payroll along with a little extra for savings so that next year, the money you need will be there ready for you without borrowing.

Turn yourself from calamity to cracker with First Rate, the best kept secret exclusively for BAE systems people.

Best get cracking!


xmas savings plan 

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