Achieving our 2019 goals together

Wednesday 02nd Jan, 2019

Join thousands of BAE Systems people

Achieve our goals together

We all do it, every New Year. We make a list in our minds or on paper of the things we want to achieve this year…. But do we ever achieve them?

Often top of these lists are getting fitter, giving up smoking or getting our finances in order so we join a gym, buy a vapour and within a few days we find ourselves standing outside the pub in the rain smoking a quick ciggy and worrying about the Christmas credit card bills arriving at the end of the month... and there go another year’s plans…

 Sometimes goals are bigger. A new car, a new house, a holiday of a lifetime, a wedding.  

Whatever our goals one thing runs in common right through them…. Money.

The Money Advice Service says that the average wedding expenditure is now over £27,000. The average family spends £4800 on holidays each year and HPI tell us the average new car price has risen 38% in the past decade.

At the same time, we know that household savings levels hit a historic low in 2017 and over a quarter of UK households have no savings at all.

Our financial health is the key to everything else because more often than not, achieving our goals takes money.


Joining your colleagues

That’s where we come in, along with thousands of other BAE systems people. We make achieving your financial goals easy, which makes achieving your other goals easier.

So this year, the first thing you should achieve is something that you can do really quickly and easily and then forget about.

Join the Credit Union and start to simplify your finances by doing your saving and borrowing directly through your payroll.

The money for your saving and borrowing comes directly out of your pay packet before you even get it, making it simple and straightforward to build your savings and to repay your borrowings.

Thousands of Bae systems people have taken the chance to own their own financial organisation and have saved and borrowed millions of pounds in this safe, secure, not-for-profit financial co-operative exclusively for BAE systems people.

You may not have known about it before…. You do now… so the only thing stopping you from taking that step to improving your saving and borrowing habits is you.



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