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Monday 08th Jul, 2019

The average wedding costs an eye-watering £30,000

 Your wedding day can be one of the most important days of your life and you want it to go just right.

What is just right can differ wildly from couple to couple. Perhaps you want the big traditional church wedding with hundreds of friends and extended family, or maybe just the two of you are eloping to Las Vegas to get married by Elvis in the Little White Chapel. Whatever you choose it has to be right for you and will need some funding.

A survey in 2018 revealed that the average spend on a UK wedding topped £30,000, up from around £27,000 the previous year.  Of course, it doesn’t have to cost that much, mine certainly didn’t come anywhere near that as I got married in a forest on the side of a mountain in West Virginia, but money is always needed for something!

Wedding venues, photographers, videographers, marquees, dresses, flowers, cakes, rings, receptions, food, drink, music, entertainment, honeymoon, the list goes on.

It seems like the “big day” really has become a huge day financially!

How to fund all of this is something we need to consider very carefully.

With the days of the bride’s father paying for the wedding fast receding into history, saving is an obvious and common way to get together at least the bulk of the money needed in advance of the wedding, and many people also seek out loans or other forms of credit to plug any gaps or to add in those extra special items.

That’s where the good news comes in for BAE Systems People who have direct access through payroll to their own savings & loans organisation, the First Rate Credit Union.

The Credit Union makes it easy, by having your savings deducted directly from your payroll each month and placed into your credit union account.  Just decide how much you need to save, divide it by the number of months there are before you need it then ask us to deduct that amount from your payroll each month. Easy!

Not enough time? Can’t save enough? Need extra for those last minute unexpected expenses? There’s good news there too as your own Credit Union can also provide affordable credit of up to £15,000. Once again with payments coming directly from your payroll each month, making it easy and ensuring that you are always up to date.

First Rate Credit Union is all about BAE Systems People supporting each other through their own financial organisation and we’d be more than happy to help make your big day all that you would want it to be.


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