New Beginnings

Sunday 17th Jan, 2021

Together, we can achieve our goals.

New Beginnings

Like many of us, my own New Year celebration was a two-person one at home consisting of eating, drinking, watching movies, playing games, FaceTime, and watching that emotionally uplifting London light & firework display at midnight.  Despite the restrictions, it was a good night and enabled us to look forward to a new year and some new beginnings.

So firstly let me wish you a Happy New Year and hope that you stayed safe and made the best of the holiday period.

New Beginnings is my theme for 2021 as we look back on the chaos of 2020 and look forward to a year that may see a reset. With the vaccination program underway, it’s already looking like summer 2021 may see us returning to doing many of the things we couldn’t do in 2020.

Now is the time to be getting ready for that and the Credit Union is determined to be here to financially support BAE Systems people to achieve what goals they want to achieve this year.

2020 was a rough year financially for many and this year will be a time to sort all of that out. Those overdrafts that run at around 40% interest rate don’t look so helpful now. How about those mortgage, loans, and credit card payment breaks in which the payments stopped but the interest kept mounting up and you now need to tackle?

Others maintained their lives by running down their savings and now is the time to start rebuilding that savings buffer, or for some, it means building one for the first time. Having a regular monthly amount taken directly from your payroll at source is an easy way to see savings amounts start to climb.

Once the world starts to open up later this year you might want to go and see some of it. With holidays on the horizon now is the time to start saving towards them or considering where you can best take a holiday loan.

Or maybe you are going to holiday closer to home, go on a road trip in a new car or mobile home or do weekends away in some great hotels? Maybe even festivals, theatres, concerts and sports will be back this year?

Perhaps you’re the more cautious type who will play this year safely and stay at home, giving you a chance to get those home improvements done?

However you decide to spend 2021 the Credit Union will be here to support you with not-for-profit savings and loans direct from your BAE Systems payroll.

As part of the Credit Union’s New Beginnings, our New Year Resolution is to get these services out to as many BAE Systems people as we can. We ended 2020 with more members, more assets, and financially stronger than ever before and we want to spend 2021 improving our services and growing our membership.

BAE Systems employees across the UK can already join us in just 5 minutes through a simple online form but the biggest barrier to them doing that is that they don’t know about it.

That’s why, in 2021, we are asking you for help in getting the message out. Whether you have been a member for decades or you joined recently and have enjoyed what you see, tell people about it. Tell your colleagues, point them to our web site, tell them about this not-for-profit savings & loans directly through payroll exclusively available to BAE Systems people.

Together, we can help each other achieve our new beginnings.

 Have a great 2021!





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