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Tuesday 02nd Mar, 2021

With the tantalising prospect of an open summer?

As I sit here looking out of the window at blue skies and sunshine, the first days of meteorological spring, temperatures are rising, days are getting longer and moods are lifting.

Add to that the vaccine program running apace (I get mine this week) and last week’s roadmap to unlocking the country and we enter March with much more optimism for the year than we perhaps had a week ago with the tantalising prospect that much of this could be over by June 21st.

Economists are talking about a roaring 20s, a boom time as society and the economy release the pent-up pressures of the past 12 months.

Perhaps the more cautious or vulnerable will choose to stay home a little longer. Others are already making plans for international travel as holiday companies report huge surges in bookings for the summer.

So whether you are staying home, taking advantage of the government’s green deal to help with home improvement costs, whether you’re planning a staycation at one of the UK’s stunning locations, maybe travelling to festivals and theatres or if you just can’t wait to get on that plane and get away, let us know how we can help!

We don’t really know what to expect here at your Credit Union, but we know that we will be here and we will be ready as always for whatever the members need from us.

Let me know what your plans are for 2021. Drop me a note on mike.barry@firstratecu.co.uk and I’ll share any interesting and unusual plans in a future newsletter.

In the meantime, stick with it and stay safe… the end is in sight.




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