One Year On

Wednesday 17th Mar, 2021

looking back and looking forward

This week sees exactly a year since we closed up our offices at Warton, Samlesbury, and Barrow and went to work from home for what we imagined might be a few weeks.

We all now know that the reality has not been so simple and in fact, we’ve never gone back.

What we have done though, is to go forward, and so have our members.

In the year since we closed our offices;

  • 400 BAE Systems people have become new members, bringing our total close to 4500
  • Members increased their savings by £1.8 million
  • Members were granted loans over £3.5M
  • We processed £10M of transactions for members

In the same period, the Credit Union has also improved;

  • Introduced 24/7 online joining and automatic account set-up
  • Introduced 24/7 online loan applications
  • Gone paperless with electronic signatures and document transfer
  • Provided secure communications with members through the Nivo app
  • Introduced a single telephone number of 01772 920118 for all members
  • Made lending decisions faster and smoother.
  • Increased our assets close to £16M
  • Built our reserves to make sure that we are strong enough to serve you for decades to come.

We aren’t done yet. Over the coming weeks and months, we will continue to make the operation of your accounts easier than ever by improving the existing and introducing new technology, products, and services to help BAE systems people to build their financial resilience for the future.

Your friends and colleagues can join us for the ride. It takes just  5 minutes to become a member.  You can help them to do it by sharing this page with them. Just choose how to share it using the button below!

Talk soon


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