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Monday 21st Jun, 2021

How you can help your colleagues


It's the first day of summer and as we all wonder what the months ahead are going to bring, we are basking in some great member feedback.

One member told me last week "This is why the Credit Union is so great. I wish I could move all my banking to the Credit Union". Another said "You've no idea the weight you've just lifted off my shoulders. I'll sleep easier tonight than I have in a very long time"

One of the things I love about working in the not-for-profit sector is that it's all about providing service, not about making money for outside shareholders. That's why receiving comments like this boosts our summer spirits and tells us that we are getting something right. 

It's about people helping people, and today I am asking you to help us to get the news out to more of your friends and colleagues...

We know that most of our new members come from word of mouth. They hear about us from work colleagues. So, you’re already doing a good job out there of spreading the word, but can we do better? 

Can you help to get us out to more of your colleagues than ever before? Together, can we make this the year of the Credit Union on BAE systems sites up and down the country?

Can I help you to do that by providing flyers, posters, roll-up banners of the type you can see above at the Warton site? Do you have somewhere at your workplace where you are authorised to place these things? Can you talk about us and distribute flyers at team meetings, put up a poster in your department? Do you hold virtual team meetings and perhaps are looking for different content for a change? 

I’m more than happy to help by talking it through with you and shipping you out the materials you would need or jumping onto your skype or zoom team meetings for a chat.   

Just click here,  fill in a quick form and we'll chat


Stay safe 








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