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Saturday 10th Jul, 2021

It's all change again for holidays abroad!

It's all change again for summer holidays as restrictions are lifted from Monday 19th, allowing travel to and from amber list countries without the need to quarantine on return, provided that you are fully vaccinated.

You'll still need to take tests before leaving and after return and of course, those countries may have their own rules that you'll need to check up on but the prospect of a summer holiday abroad has opened up to a lot more people for a lot more places!

For those who want to stay in this country, prices have reportedly skyrocketed as places get booked up and availability falls, so many of us might now be thinking again of taking a holiday abroad.

It's definitely time to book while there's still availability, whether you're staying at home or going abroad and with low availability comes higher prices and added costs of covid tests and even quarantine and isolation for those who aren't yet fully vaccinated.

As always, your Credit Union is here to help you to meet those costs.

With Credit Union savings from payroll, we aren't just here to lend your money, we are here to help you to save it so that you don't need to borrow in the future. 

For you it might mean a holiday. For us, it's about improving your finances.

We call it "Borrow for today, save for tomorrow" and all done through BAE Systems Payroll to improve your financial lives.


Have fun!





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